Flying Anvil Studio:

 Located on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, Pender Harbour BC, the Flying Anvil Studio has grown to become a showcase for many talented Sunshine Coast artists and artisans.  

The Gallery began in 1999 with Bruno Pepin's fabulous forged and fabricated metalwork, then expanded with works from Lund to Langdale and beyond.  At last count almost 70 artisits and artisans had their work on display at The Flying Anvil.

Conveniently close to Hwy 101, the Gallery is on  scenic Garden Bay road. Visit us and then explore the many lakes, parks, bays, walks, marinas, and other artisits studios and galleries in the neighbourhood.

The Gallery is open year-round, usually seven days a week from May to September. 

 Bruno is also a diver and member of the Garden Bay Volunteer Fire Department, so on rare occasions there are unexpected closures.